BA?n ca??nh A�A?, ba??ng na�? ngha�� sA� cha��ng kia??n “cua��c A�ua” ta�� cA?c FC A?A?ng Nhi, VA� CA?t T?�a�?ng, Ba??o Anh vA� Hari Won ha��a ha??n 1 mA?a “V Live Year End Party” vA? cA?ng sA?i A�a��ng.

Nha�?ng ngA�y qua, thA?ng tin va�?A�V Live Year End PartyA�A�A? thu hA?t sa�� quan tA?m ca��a fan Vpop cA�ng nh?� ng?�a�?i hA?m ma�� a�?lA�n sA?ng Hallyua�?. Sa�� tra�Y la??i Via��t Nam ca��aA�GOT7A�cA?ng mA�n a�?A�a�� ba��a�? ta�� hA�ng loa??t ngha�� sA� na��i tia??ng trong n?�a��c nh?�:A�Noo Ph?�a��c Tha��nh, A?A?ng Nhi, Soobin HoA�ng S??n, TA?c TiA?n, MIN, Chi Pu, MONSTAR, Uni5,a�� cA�ng khia??n cho sa�� kia��n nA�y tra�Y nA?n A�A?ng mong A�a�?i h??n bao gia�? ha??t.


V Live Year End Party 2017A�ha��a ha??n sa?? lA� a�?A�a??i tia��ca�? A?m nha??c hoA�nh trA?ng da��p cua��i nA?m nay.

Ch?�a da��ng la??i a�Y A�A?, cA?c A�a�? ca�� ta�� loa??t gia??i th?�a�Yng sa?? trao trong A�A?m 19/1 ta��i A�A?y va��a A�?�a�?c cA?ng ba�� cA�ng khia??n fan pha??n khA�ch. Na??u nh?� a�Y ha??ng ma�?cA�Best MaleA�ArtistA�(Ngha�� sA� nam xua??t sa??c nha??t)cha��ng kia??n cua��c ca??nh tranh ga??t gao ta�� cA?c FC Noo Ph?�a��c Tha��nh, Soobin HoA�ng S??n, Isaac, Thanh Duy thA� a�Y ba??ng na�? cA�ng cA?ng tha??ng khA?ng kA�m khi a�?a��ng viA?na�? lA�:A�A?A?ng Nhi, VA� CA?t T?�a�?ng,A�Hari Won vA� Ba??o Anh.

Noo Ph?�a��c Tha��nha��

VA� Soobin HoA�ng S??n lA� nha�?ng a��ng ca�� viA?n na?�ng kA? cho ha??ng ma�?cA�Best MaleA�Artist (Ngha�� sA� nam xua??t sa??c nha??t).

NA?m nay, ch?�??ng trA�nh cA? 7 gia??i th?�a�Yng:A�Best Interactive Star, Best Female Artist, Best MaleA�Artist, Best Celebrity Host, Best Rising Star, Best V ShowA�vA�A�Best Creator.A�Tha�?i gian bA�nh cha�?n ba??t A�a?�u ta�� 25/12 A�a??n 11/1. CA?c fan sa??A�vA�o link sau A�A?y A�a�? bA�nh cha�?nA�vA� cA? c?? ha��i nha?�n vA� xem ch?�??ng trA�nh ta��i 19/1:A�

-A�CA?c gia??i th?�a�Yng vA� A�a�? ca��:A�
1. Best Interactive Star: Erik, Monstar, LipB, The Air
2. Best Female Artist: A?A?ng Nhi, VA� CA?t T?�a�?ng,A�Hari Won,A�Ba??o Anh
3. Best MaleA�Artist: Noo Ph?�a��c Tha��nh, Thanh Duy,A�Issac, Soo Bin HoA�ng S??n
4. Best Celebrity Host:A�NgA? Kia??n Huy,A�Kelvin KhA?nh, Kha�Yi My, Gil LA?
5. Best Rising Star: A?a��c PhA?c, Lime, Uni5, Han Sara
6. Best V Show: Ga?�p lA� chia??n, Show boss your love, Oh My Sign, 80FM
7. Best Creator: MisThy, Nh?� Hexi, Pew Pew, Woosi

BA?n ca??nh A�A?,A�mini game Ba??n tim nha?�n vA� VIP ca��a V Live cA�ng A�A? cA? ka??t qua?? cua��i cA?ng. DA? tha�?i gian dia��n ra ch?�??ng trA�nh cha�� kA�o dA�i ta�� ngA�y 19/12 A�a??n 24/12 tuy nhiA?n sa�� l?�a�?ng ba??n tim A�A? A�a??t con sa�� ca��c kha��ng. Ca�? tha�?, nhA?m nha??c Kpop GOT7A�xA?c la?�p ka�� la�?c ngha�� sA� HA�n Qua��c A�?�a�?c ba??n tim nhia�?u nha??t a�Y Via��t Nam va��i va�� trA� da?�n A�a?�uA�312 tria��u tim. CA?c va�� trA� tia??p theo la?�n l?�a�?t lA� Noo Ph?�a��c Tha��nhA�(132 tria��u tim), Gil LA?A�(124 tria��u tim)A�vA� A?A?ng NhiA�(122 tria��u tim).


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